Sunday, April 12, 2009

Island Press Podcasts

More podcasts from my work at Island Press. . . One of my favorite interviews that I conducted was with Bob Musil, contributor to Ignition: What You Can Do Fight Global Warming and Spark a Movement. LISTEN NOW.

Another favorite: Chris Leinberger, author of The Option of Urbanism. LISTEN NOW.

And if you listen to nothing else, listen to Paul Ehrlich, author of The Population Bomb and The Dominant Animal, who was adept at delivering the soundbites. LISTEN NOW.

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A Virile Nagalingam said...

of course, I shiver at the thought of Norman Borlaug actually listening to this fellow, throwing up his hands, and leaving the human potential of south asia to Erhlich's horrific environmental strawmen.

Then, i couldn't leave snarky comments on your blog. What a shame.